TS4 Really Random Decor PPL

Monday, January 1, 2018

TS4 Really Random Decor PPL

TS4 Really Random Decor PPL..Females...

You make convert at your own risk lmao cause they probably gonna look weird
I got really irritated lowering the poly count from 100-200k to less than 15k polygons’
If you want me to do more even if these sucks please mention it!
5 Items Located in Plants, Clutter, & Miscellaneous Decor
Creds to CODAME



  1. pls pls pls make more!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are awesome!

  2. Yes I love these, can you do more like females in suites at work sitting down the same with the males, also children sitting down and standing and cute little toddlers standing and sitting down!!