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Patreon Early Release TS4 Paper Bag Bakery Set

TS4 Paper Bag Bakery Set

Includes 6 Things (Located in Plants, Clutter, and Miscellaneous Decor)
  • Bag of Mini Cupcakes (2 Recolors)
  • Cup of Soup (8 Recolors)
  • Bag of Bread  (2 Recolors)
  • Togo Coffee Holder  (2 Recolors)
  • Coffee Mug b (2 Recolors)
  • Coffee Stand (Not seen above) High Poly 20k
There will be a TS3 version soon will release once I make the ts3 version  

Early Release


Square Tablets! The Originals & FIXED!

TS3 & TS4 Square Tablets 

Includes 2 Items (Located in Plants, Clutter, & Miscellaneous Decor)
  • Square Tablet With Stand 
  • Square Tablet 
**High Poly**
This is the original I made a long time ago that had shadows but it is now fixed no shadows
I suggest you delete the other one as it may conflict and has shadows.

Mesh 1000% by Me!
Thanks for the explanation for the shadows! It worked <3 @millascreativecornerblog

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TS4 & TS3 Food Subscription Box Set LINKS FIXED

Food Subscription Box Set

Includes ( 4 Items): Located in Plants, Clutter, & Miscellaneous Decor
  • Box Closed
  • Box Opened ( 2 swatches see above 2 different insides)
  • Package Food 1
  • Package Food 2
Meshes 100% By ME!!
Textures from Google (High Quality Textures!!) 

Mega -Updated March 22, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

TS3 & TS4 Medical Clutter

Medical Clutter

Adfly Free (Click Title)

Decided to do Some metal clutter! I do plan on trying to add more items! <3
10 Items Located in Plants, Clutter, & Miscellaneous Decor
  • Anti Biotics
  • HTG Pregnancy Test Combo
  • Urine Sample Cup
  • Benadryl Packet
  • Liquid Prescription
  • Ice Pack
  • Empty Medical Test Tube
  • Lidocaine
  • Box of Gloves
  • Saline
Set Me!
Texture Creds to Google.
(Please don’t rush me on releasing these)

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