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VS Pink Set

TS3 & TS4 VS Pink Set

7 Items (Located in Plants, Clutter, & Miscellaneous Decor):
  1. Clay Face and Body Mask
  2. Foam (3 Recolors)
  3. Paint on Mask (3 Recolors)
  4. Popsicle Bath Bomb (6 Recolors)
  5. Scrub Down Coconut Oil
  6. Smoothing Lip Scrub (3 Recolors)
  7. Whipped Coco Nourishing Face Mask
Meshes 100% By me!
Public Release August 19th


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TS3 Download

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  1. none of your downloads work for me. they all either play an ad then goes to a page that states 'page can't be reached' or just that without the ad.


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