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BeautyLand Part 1


  1. Curly Hair Pack Down 1
  2. Curly Hair Pack Up 1
  3. Hair Package 1
  4. Hair Package 2 
  5. Hair Package 3
  6. 8pc SmartHair Down
  7. 8pc Smart Hair Up
  8. BeautyLand Sign
  9. Hair Store Ads
  10. I sell Bundles Package
  11. Hair Display Shelf
  12. Box Of Weave
  13. MilkyWay Water Weave Rack
  14. Que MilkyWay CosSoft Yack Down
  15. Saga Remy Princess Wave Down
  16. Saga Remy Princess Wave Rack
  17. Saga Remy Princess Wave Up
  18. Zury Human Hair Down
  19. Zury Human Hair Up
I’ll eventually convert to ts3 sometime
Meshes 100% by me!
Do not include my mesh or recolor thank you! 


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