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TS3 & TS4 Simblreen Gifts October 2017

Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3

Simblreen Gifts 2017 

All Gifts are TS3 AND TS4

Before You Download Day 3 
WARNING! This Set Contains HIGH POLY Items (Listing Below)
  1. BK Drink - 2418
  2. BK Fries - 2366
  3. BK Chicken Fries - 14
  4. BK Halloween Whopper - 1198
  5. BK Halloween Whopper Wrapper - 3330
  6. BK Box - 30
  7. BK Hersheys Chocolate Pie- 14
  8. Burger King Meal- 18642
  9. BK Whopper - 12830
  10. BK Ketchup Packet - 338
  11. Burger King Burger Box - 11518
For TS3 I did not include the Burger King Burger Box, but a build it your self box because its easier that way I guess?


  1. I love that you even put the 25 cents on there! So creative!

  2. My God! I found itttttttttttt! Awesome!

  3. link offline or its the simsfile provedor?

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