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CC Suggestion PT 2 LEAK

What is your suggestion?78 responses
alcohol clutter for all of my drunk sims
love your cc
Yankee and Bath & Body Works Candles
Too Faced Cosmetics
Dove hair and skin products
VCG Smok Mag Kit vape mod
Pots & panss box, dishes box, glasses box(moving in or housewarming gifts)
Gucci gift boxes/bags?:)
high end perfume clutter (like nina ricci, dior, paco rabanne and so on~)
men's perfumes such as ralf lauren polo blue. blood glucose test advil type remedies for headaches
Don't use two paid ad display services for the same download - the download was blocked by Google
Sims 3 Fuss no Muss Styling Station
U-Haul Moving Truck
Moving Boxes
Hi there, So a suggestion for CC is some rum, I'm a Jamaican Urban Simmer and having some stuff from my country added to my game would be great, playing the game with stuff from my homeland, So J Wray & Nephew rum would be good. Herea link:
urban male hair for the sims 3, like tied up dreads for temp fades for toddlers
I think a lot of us could use salon clutter (wigs, mannequin heads, plugged-in hair dryers/straighteners, boxes of hair dye) and restaurant clutter (menus, host stations, bills & money trays & credit cards, pots full of food, walk-in freezer racks with goods, Heimlich signs, etc.) for TS3/TS4. You're one of the legends in our Sims community. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, intricate work. :3
Kuerig (non or func.) with pods and glass milk cartons for sugar and creamer
Kylie, Jeffree Star, Juvias Place - Makeup Clutter
Maybe some stuff inspired by the show Scream Queens
different job supplies/ decorations, like Office depot or taco bell
soap and shampoo and stuff like that
washing machines please ;)
cassette tape clutter, CD and tape walkman, a VCR, old CRT televisions, old computers from the 90s and 2000s, anything from that era of tech :D
Feminine care set, box of pads, box of tampons etc.
witchy deco
baby "models" like the little babies that are deco
More barbershop materials
Nail set (acrylic powder, nails, and files etc)
beauty bakerie clutter (foundation, concealer, sponges etc.)
Dancer clutter (ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, duffle bag, icy hot, bandages, knee and/or ankle brace)
alexa from google
Could you possibly make these files non-rar as well?
Bed frames and mattresses for ts4 please
SMOK Mag E-cig Kit
Dispensery, youtuber clutter (vlogging camera/100k plaque/etc), music producer clutter, actor clutter (scripts/handbooks/demo reel/headshots) Hair salon clutter (stations, hair dryers, hair design posters, tools,, etc)
More candy!
Outdoors things - wheelbarrows, gardening, etc.
Crab Legs and Lobster tails
please please PLEASE make more deco building (like the San Francisco townhouse you had) for the sims 3, the quality of that item is insane... don't know how you do it
body care
Please do a ouidad (it's curly hair products) clutter! Thank you so much!
piercings plz
gucci items
fenty makeup
kylie cosmetics lipkits and makeup clutter
kkw cosmetics clutter
mac cosmetics
supreme clothing
sex toys (if that's okay) xD
jar of peanut butter with knife,
mexican candy and chips!!
arizona tea
urban outfitters store and furniture
house plants, ferns, succulents, etc
versace things please
american candies
aluminum foil wrapped plates. To go food trays. pizza making clutter. Laundry detergent. Ribs and sides clutter
Kawaii plushies.
School Clutter for classrooms- Groceries that look like they would be sitting on a shelf.. that actually fill the shelf. >> Toddler items like pullups packaged bundle for potty training, toddler wipes, potty training chart. << This is my fav idea !! Decor pets in terrariums.. the ones we have in game are too large and unrealistic. I'm imagining small glass cages that would fit on a child's dresser. Electronic items. DVD players, VCRs, Remote controls, Home sound systems - Realistic Grave stones - Christmas blankets that can be draped over the beds (double, single, and toddler please:)
frozen foods.. all of them lol.. barbies for kids.. family board games.. nba2k19.. baby bags.. extacy pills.. plan b.. the depo shot. and k-y jelly please and thank xxooxx
Any type of mirrored furniture like dressers, end tables, coffee tables etc.

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  1. - Home phones
    - Glasses/sunglasses
    - iPod, MP3 player, Walkman, etc.
    - Candles from Yankee Candle, and Bath and Body Works
    - Stuff from Lush Cosmetic
    - Arizona grocery store bags: Bashas', AJs, Food City
    - Pots and pans
    - Popular and non-popular cereals
    - Stuff for elders
    - Toys for kids, toddlers
    - Changing table, crib


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