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TS4 & TS3 Luck Set

TS4 & TS3 Luck Set

Yes, I took these pictures in game and then put them together lol I suck at previews a lot. Trying something different.
Lol so I don't know what to name this tbh, so we will call it that for now
9 items (Located in Clutter, Plants, & Miscellaneous Decor):
  • Lottery Tickets (4 Swatches)- $3 Simoleons
  • Colt 45- $2 Simoleons
  • Colt 45 Bagged -$2 Simoleons
  • Combos(6 Swatches)- $2 Simoleons
  • Cash Money- $200 Simoleons
  • Xanax- $5 Simoleons
  • Blunt_ $5 Simoleons
  • Small Baggie of Weed- $20 Simoleons
  • Backwoods Packet (5 Swatches) $1 Simoleon
Meshes Created by me 100%!



  1. It appears several of your Sims 4 mega links aren't working. I have tried a few to include this one. Hopefully there is something you can do to fix these. Excited to add them to my game and will check back later. Thanks for all your hard work putting out this custom content. Love your content.

  2. hi i love your wonderful content, unfortunately the adfly account is suspended, i can't use patreon, is there any other way for me to download it? thank you very much


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