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TS3 & TS4 Victoria Secret’s Party Nights Fragrance Set (Fixed 7.8.19)

TS3 & TS4 Victoria Secret’s Party Nights Fragrance Set

Includes 2 Items located in plants, clutter, and miscellaneous decor
  • Party Nights Fragrance Lotion (+ 3 recolors)
  • Party Nights Fragrance Mist (+ 3 recolors)
Mesh Creds to Me 100%
Textures to VS
Please do not recolor anything without asking and do not reupload to any paysites or any direct links. Thank you 
Please show me some love <3

TS3 Download

TS4 Download

This is not affiliated with Victoria Secret’s whatsoever.


  1. The best notes are vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. The mid notes for this fragrance are honeysuckle, almond and musky 10 men's cologne

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  3. Of course I'm going to share love
    Just SEE she take her time for the TS3!!
    I've never play the TS3... yes... BUT JUST IT'S BEAUTIFUL AND SHE TAKE THE TIME FOR THE TS3!!!


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