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Candy Display & Pancake Cart Conversion to TS3

Candy Display & Pancake Cart Conversion to TS3

trying to convert some items from my ts4 to ts3. 
Located in Miscellaneous Decor & Plants you have to find the icon of a sculpture of a plant that is what they are under cant change the picture
both are 350 simoleons
I do not know what happen to the glass of the pacake cart..
*Honestly I don’t know if I’m gonna release the pedicure chair
Mesh & Texture credits to Pandora Sims & Exem 

Download (SimFileShare)


  1. How can I get your Sims 4 Candy display? It's exactly what I've been looking for.

  2. You candy display case looks soooo good. It's so realistic looking, and is just perfect for what I've been searching for, for too long. Please share your Sims 4 version with me.


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