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Video-Game Store Conversion

Add-on Bonus :

 Video-Game Store conversion (TS4 to Ts3)
Includes (15 items + recolors)
  1.  Ps4 Front 
  2. Ps4 Upright
  3. PS3 Stack
  4. PS3 Box
  5. Xbox 360 Stack
  6. Xbox 360 Box
  7. PS4 Stack
  8. PS4 Box
  9. Round Rack
  10. Cabinet
  11. Poster Ground
  12. Wii Stack
  13. Wii BOx
  14. Stack of Video Games
  15. 15.Game Rack (+9 recolors)
All Credits go to  Retail Sims & Sim4fun(simsfanscreations)
Conversion by myself 
  • You can download the ts4 version HERE  
  • Download PS4 right over HERE
  • To download the ts2 version it is HERE
  • Bonus Add-on ts4 download HERE & HERE 
If you want me to convert more sets just tell me :)
If someone would please build a Videogame lot that would be great! :D

DOWNLOAD (SimFileShare)



  1. May I ask why the cabinets are the same size as one says medium yet to me its the same, also the game rack does not work in my game its black when I click to recolour there all black, have you any ideas? I am on the latest patch and fully updated, I have never had an issue from your stuff apart from this one, Thank you for what you make, very much appreciated.

  2. as you can see here

  3. I guess the file has not been updates as yet, thought you should know the band aids from the medical stuff and sun chips are also black in my game. I haven't checked the other files yet I have.

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