TS3 & TS4 Wing Stop Set

Friday, September 8, 2017

TS3 & TS4 Wing Stop Set


TS3 & TS4 Wing Stop Set

Includes (6 Items): Located in Clutter, Plants, & Miscellaneous Decor 
**Read from Left to Right Via First Picture
  1. Wing Stop Cup
  2. Wing Stop Cup With Straw
  3. Wing Stop Bag
  4. Wing Stop Drumstick
  5. Wing Stop Wings
  6. Wing Stop Tray
Mesh Creds to @yourdorkbrains​ (Me lol)
Texture Creds  Wingstop and Google.
Ts3 Preview Pic Creds: @applekissims

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TS4 (Adfly) 

TS3 (Adfly)


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