October 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Crooked Play House and Kitchen Set Conversion

Crooked Play House and Kitchen Set Conversion 
PLEASE Read everything 

Crooked Play House V1 (Located in Sculptures) I frankenmeshed? these items together 
  • Cost $500
  • Has 6 recolors
  • Already inside includes fridge and sink already stuck inside
Crooked Play House V2 (Located in Sculptures)
  • Is an empty version of V1 nothing is inside of it
  • Cost $250
  • Has 6 recolors
Also Sink and Fridge their are separate items if anybody wants those for other reasons each are $100 and are both located in Sculptures also.

*You will need omsp to put things or stove sink as it has no slots. 

Mesh and Texture Credit go to ImpishParody  as I only have converted it.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Moving Day Conversion

Moving Day Conversion 
14 items located in plants (Message me if you want a collection file)
Will need OMSP to put on surfaces other than the floor.
  1. Bubblewrap Laying
  2. Bubblewrap Stack
  3. Bubblewrap Standing 
  4. Duct Tape
  5. Empty Box
  6. Closed Box
  7. Large Empty Box
  8. Large Closed Box
  9. Hand Truck
  10. Group of Sharpy Markers
  11. Sharpy Marker
  12. Two Duct Tape Rolls
  13. Small Empty Box
  14. Small Closed Box

ALL Credit goes to Mustluvcatz ....  all I did was convert it.
Soo i've been on my 2 day fall break since yesterday and this is what I wanted to do.. 
Inbox me if their are any problems.