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Crooked Play House and Kitchen Set Conversion

Crooked Play House and Kitchen Set Conversion 
PLEASE Read everything 

Crooked Play House V1 (Located in Sculptures) I frankenmeshed? these items together 
  • Cost $500
  • Has 6 recolors
  • Already inside includes fridge and sink already stuck inside
Crooked Play House V2 (Located in Sculptures)
  • Is an empty version of V1 nothing is inside of it
  • Cost $250
  • Has 6 recolors
Also Sink and Fridge their are separate items if anybody wants those for other reasons each are $100 and are both located in Sculptures also.

*You will need omsp to put things or stove sink as it has no slots. 

Mesh and Texture Credit go to ImpishParody  as I only have converted it.

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