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Followers Gift 4 and 5

Followers Gift 4 and 5 

Sorry for posting gifts late
Important Read
These are all decor items besides play mat (in gift #5) it is functional but you will need this File or Midnight Hollow toy machine which comes from Ea Store Or it won't work.
Followers Gift 4 Includes 
  • High Chair (Sculptures)
  • Large Stroller (Sculptures)
  • Double Stroller Deco (Sculptures)
  • Diaper Bag (Plants)
  • Baby Dance Radio (Plants)
Followers Gift #5
  • Baby Swing (Sculptures)
  • Diaper Bag (Sculptures)
  • Playmat ( Kids Furniture)
  • Jumperoo
Credits here 
Converted by Me.
Please do not put up direct downloads on other sites *hint* *hint*
Sorry for no .package files I forgot. 

Note * I may be busy more or so school starts this week and I will be busy so sorry if conversions come later I still will try to convert on the weekends. 


  1. Thank you much for sharing this, you're the best!!!

  2. I'm not sure if it's my laptop or game but when I try to add the big stroller to a room it's just a huge black box. The other objects works great. I added the toddler dining cushion to the jumperoo, high chair and baby swing so my toddlers use them as high chairs!! I had to use OMSP to make the cushions work correctly and with the jumperoo I used OMSP increase 125% for the cushion to look right in the seat. I wish I could send you some photos of my toddlers enjoying your creation but I'm not sure how to send them. Again, thank you so very much for all the time you put into making my game more fun!!! I can't wait to see what you share next :) I hope you have a great school year!!!

    1. Sorry this is late! I have barely anytime ! I'll see if I can fix it n you can show me by sending them pictures at

  3. its ok sweetie, I know how life can get crazy at times!! I'm going to get on my game and take some pictures to send to you. I've had so much fun with your toddler stuff!! I hope you'll have some free time to add some more. When you have time to fix the big stroller please let me know so I can re-download it!!

    Much Love

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  5. Is this for Sims 2 or Sims 3/4

  6. the file that is suppose to make the mat cannot be found and I rather use the file than buy the toy machine .