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Toddler and Large Pools Conversion

Toddler and Large Pools Conversion
Include (Located in Plants)
  • Toddler Pool
  • Large Pool

You will need OMSP for toddlers to not look like they're drowning in the large pool 

The water moves in the pools to make it more realistic.. I guess?  Just makes me happy it moves 

Larger pools picture up top is used from tsrw workshop. My graphics don't look well to use it as preview pic sorry but it looks like that in game too. 

The Pools have two different water types.

Mesh by Rebecah texture by her re-did by me to give it a solid look. Didn't look right with the Ts2 texture. 

Ts2 to Ts3 Conversion by Myself

Thank you guys soo much! <3

In game Pics

Has Colors with it but will make it re-colorable later.
You may re-texture it but to upload or anything please ask. I worked hard on these.
Do not Re up load to Pay sites Nor Direct Links 

If I missed anything and you would like to tell me just comment below or contact me thru tumblr. 



  1. You're awesome!! I've been looking for a toddler pool for ages, thank you so so much for sharing!! I wished there were more toddler object conversions to sims 3 out there. Sims 2 had awesome furniture for babies and toddlers and if I new how to convert the items I would convert a lot of the baby/toddler stuff. A couple months ago someone converted the sims 2 "baby bouncy chair and carrier" to sims 3 and I was able to download the bouncy chair but not the carrier because they deleted their tumblr page and I've had no luck finding the carrier anywhere. Again thank you so very much for all your hard work and for making sims 3 more enjoyable!!

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