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Followers Gift #3

Followers Gift #3 :D
Okay so sorry I forgot to upload gift yesterday so today here is this gift! This is what I got so far I may or may not be converting the other parts of these gifts ;) Okay so for number 2. and 4. you can put the iv together I believe I couldn't upload the iv with the stretcher together it gave me and error so sorry. Message me if any more errors you find or so. Thanks Also the ambulance truck I scaled it where Sims can fit inside it but its a prop so make poses for it and so is the stretchers they fit a Sim in it. YOU WILL NEED OMSP  for everything except for the iv (If you wanna put a sim in or on those) it should just go right beside item #4  Beware this is to be believed is Hi Poly
Includes ( Located in Sculptures)
  1. Ambulance ( Just a prop)
  2. IV
  3. Stretcher down with Iv
  4. Stretch Up w/o IV
  5. Stretcher Down w/o Iv

Mesh and Texture for Ambulance is from tf3dm

Stretchers and Iv credits go to Theraven

Conversion by Me!

Big File!

If they're are any problems comment down below  


  1. This is really neat :) Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Seriously this is some awesome stuff! I can't believe I just found it! PLEASE keep up the great work! I've been on a freaking download spree :D

    1. Lol don't make me blush! :* Thank you!

    2. Concordo totalmente com a Daijahv! Muito obrigada por compartilhar isso é incrivel, The sims 3 precisa muito de coisas hospitalares.

  3. im doing a hospital on mine and would love a ultrasound machine and MRI or a CT Scanner could you be able to do them at all??